Month          Name of the Activity
 April               1. Library Oreintation Sessions
                       2. Preparation of Issue Registers
                       3. Registration of Students In E-Granthalaya
                       4. Issue of books for class Libraries
                       5. Introduction Of Activites
                           Class 6th To 8th Book Mark
                           Class 9th To 10th Scrap Book Of Newspaper Articles
May – June     1. Pasting of Due Date Slips On New Books
                       2. Updation of member database
  July              1. Stock Checking
                       2. Constituition Of Library Committee and Reader’s club
                       3. Starting the Circulation of books
                       4. Meeting of Reader’s Club Members
                       5. Selection of Reader’s Club Members
                       6. Quiz for 9th and 10th classes.
August            1. Library Committee Meeting
                       2. Preparation of book suggestion list
September     1. Career Development Program
                       2. Selection of books by visiting the local shops
October          1. Preparation and display of List Of defaulters
November      1. Celebration of Chacha Nehru Birthday from 14-11-15 to 20-11-15
                       2. Book Exhibition by Childrens Book Trust.
December      1. Updating Student’s Database
                       2. 6th to 8th essay competition
                       3. 9th to 10th Book Review Competition
January          1. User Awareness Program on exam oreinted resources in the Library
                       2. 6th to 8th Book review Competition
                       3. 9th to 10th essay competition
February        1. Returning of Class Library Books.
                       2. Stopping the circulation of books to Students.
                       3. 6th to 8th story telling
                       4. 9th to 10th Article Writing Competition

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